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Our amazing human bodies are made of 70% water and 30% solid matter – the same ratio of land to ocean as our beautiful planet Earth.Water is life and without it no creature can survive. Given our profound reliance on this, our reaction to lack of it can have deep effects on who we are at both cellular level and through the manifestations of disease in our body.  Hydration is the cornerstone of a healthy body.

Many things can contribute to dehydration apart from the obvious of not drinking enough water. Stress, whether internal or external, medication, excessive caffeine and sugar and lifestyle choices can play havoc with our wellbeing. Even being surrounded by wi-fi has an impact – so it’s not difficult for our sensitive bodies to be thrown off-balance and left struggling for health.When we become dehydrated our bodies make cellular changes as a means of defence, each cell membrane will become covered with a layer of cholesterol to protect itself from further loss of fluid. But this layer of cholesterol whilst encasing the cell and protecting it – will also cause the cell to become more isolated – losing its connection to the other cells and to the bigger picture.

If our cells are restricted just think how small our vision may be. This disconnection from the higher aspects of ourselves can manifest as a loss of direction in life, the inability to get out of a repeatedly stressful situation or a loss of creativity and motivation.The more our cells are coated with this cholesterol layer, the more disconnected they become from each other, they become colder and darker and more cut off. Which is a microcosm of how we can feel when deeply dehydrated.

So what can we do…we can deal differently with situations that are causing us stress – we can eat in a less challenging way and choose hydrating foods and oils.When we really work on our hydration it can be amazing to start feeling energised again, connected to our better /higher selves and alive with creativity and motivation. Ways to do to this are obviously to increase water intake, but also the food we eat makes a big difference too. Vegetables and fruits we know are hydrating, grains and refined foods much less so.

Choosing to have an abundance of good quality fruit and vegetables and a minimum of refined foods will support our bodies at a cellular level in its daily cleansing. Drinking fresh water and getting enough sleep and fresh air and enjoyment in life will all effect our hydration levels, allowing our cells to open up again and re-connect with their surroundings. This will lead to a more connected self – able to hear who we really are and the messages of universal wisdom.

Fiona Campbell Nutrition
mel england

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