Spring Equinox 2018 – Tuesday 20th March



Spring Equinox is here!! The word ‘equinox’ means equal day and equal night, and the two equinoxes (spring and autumn) occur when the sun is at right angles to the equator. These are very specific energy times – the big changeovers between summer and winter.

At the specific moment that this change takes place there is a huge surge of energy that detoxifies our cells.

The spring equinox in particular holds a huge potential for change. Leaving winter, a time for hibernation, behind, and going from a cold, dark, contracted energy towards an expanded, freer, warmer and lighter time. So what can we expect from this change?

Well this is the time of year that GP surgeries are often busier than usual. Dealing with coughs, colds, swollen glands, headaches, constipation and skin problems. These symptoms can increasingly come to the surface around this time. The reason for this is that our routes of elimination, i.e. bowels, skin and lungs, are challenged by this natural, cellular-level detoxification.

How to help ourselves…

So what can we do? Helping our bodies resolve any issues as naturally and supportively as possible is the best way to help it along.  Allowing our body to express itself is very important at this time. Supporting our bodies and healing ourselves by eating good food, taking natural medicines where possible, resting and breathing fresh air. All of this works towards lightening our toxic load and moves us towards a lighter, more creative, motivated and rejuvenated self. Paving the way for the next few weeks and months where we can find greater energy, clarity and vitality! 

Happy Spring Equinox!

Fiona Campbell Nutrition