The moment you change your perception is the moment you rewrite the chemistry of your body” (Bruce H Lipton)

My Philosophy

I became interested in health and healing after suffering for many years with so called ‘incurable’ conditions. I believed that as my body had manifested these illnesses it would therefore be able to heal them with, of course, the right support and nourishment.

I also felt strongly that healing wasn’t just about the physical but is inseparable from our emotional and spiritual selves and so embarked on finding answers for myself from a variety of sources.

On this journey I was fortunate enough to encounter the work of respected naturopath Barbara Wren and her College of Natural Nutrition, where I studied and learned about the art of Natural Nutrition.

I base my approach to health on these teachings and the belief that to bring our bodies back to wellness we need to be patient and caring in what we ask it to do. It takes energy to heal – but if we can help the body to access this energy by choosing less challenging and more supportive foods, incorporating gentle yet powerful naturopathic techniques and addressing lifestyle choices, we can lead it back to a state of greater freedom and movement on every level.

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